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July 27, 2011 / windlessly


in-n-out, pinkberry, and dim sum- these are all foreign things to andrew lee. he doesnt even know what a pillow pet is. however, no worries to everyone who reads his blog. andrew is having an awesome time here at his cousins house. not only is he well fed, but also he enjoys every activity we do mostly because he’s the one who chooses them. “sure” is the answer he gives each time we suggest an activity. we have yet to go eat boiling crab, go to the beach, and play badminton. in addition, andrew keeps in shape by running to the community center track, running two miles there, and back across a bridge which overlooks an expressway. no it is not 3:33am right now but 12:33am so andrew is still up writing in his journal and the only word i’ve caught a glimpse of is “esther”. although he would rather have fun, he has college essays to write and ap hw burdening his shoulders just like his cousin; plus, he forces her to brainstorm college essay ideas. yes, he is having the time of his life baking oatmeal raisin cookies.

-one of the many cousins of Andrew Lee :))

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