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June 9, 2012 / windlessly

Summer is here when…

I have to say, the weather in Syracuse has been fantastic these past few days. And by fantastic I mean above 70 degrees and not rainy haha. But still, it’s given me a chance to try to get rid of my horrible farmers tan, if I can even call it that. It’s funny because not only do I have the typical farmers tan that ends right at the elbow (thanks to my tennis jersey throughout the season), but also another tan line from the sleeveless shirts I wear for practices and jogging.

And you thought your sock tan was bad? I have a different shade for each area of my lower leg corresponding to the areas covered by crew socks (thanks again tennis season), my normal ankle socks, and the low cut socks I sometimes wear. Maybe if I started wearing soccer socks I could get a fourth line going lol, but it’d be nowhere as bad as this:


But anyways, looking at my farmers tan always signifies the end of the spring season, which inevitably leads to the start of summer. A couple of other things that also come with the start of summer:

-stockpiling freezie pops and eating them two/three at a time
-sleeping with the fan on
-being done with school (mentally and physically)
-wearing flip flops to finals/regents
-pulling out the shades
-buying a new swimsuit
-cleaning out the pool
-carpooling to the beach
-making s’mores
-graduation parties
-watching an absurd amount of movies
-hanging out with friends for literally the whole day
-you forget what day of the week it is

Did I miss anything? Comment below!


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