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June 13, 2012 / windlessly

Last Day of…. Everything!

I had my very last day of high school today. It felt great. Walking out those doors, having everyone milling about in the parking lot for a bit, hugging each other and saying goodbye, exiting the school grounds to a triumphant fanfare of car horns. For a moment, I felt a real sense of closure and then immediately the pang of nostalgia… after all, as seniors we had gone through the yearly routine twelve times already. And now it really was the end… for everything.

So why the emotional feelings? For me, it was the idea of forever- we really were parting ways, and I knew that for some of us, it would be the very last we would ever see each other. And that in itself was saddening- I love the class I grew up and went to school with! I have so many good friends that I’m scared to death I won’t be able to stay in touch with all of them. Time is never reversible, so I guess I just got a little choked up over saying goodbye. I don’t want the years to part us- any of us- because we all shared something extraordinary together. Two thirds of my life are built around these people, whom I’ve routinely gotten up in the morning to go to school together for a good two thirds of the day. How can I not be a little reluctant to let them go? But just as sad as it is to think about the very last time I’ll see someone, it’s reassuring to know the memories we have are also everlasting.

So, that aside- it’s been an unforgettable ride. Now let the summer begin! =D


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