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June 17, 2012 / windlessly

Chaos Before Order

Why does the human body work the way that it does? Especially these past few days, I’ve noticed that at least for me, I really need to be in the right “mood” in order to be productive. I hadn’t posted in my blog for four days because I felt lazy and didn’t want to expend the effort and time needed to make one. Or maybe I didn’t write anything because I felt I had nothing good to say, or that it would be bad and a waste of time. But I didn’t have a particular reason WHY I didn’t feel like blogging. Was it a medical reason? Physical reason my body didn’t respond? Mental issue? Emotional trouble? I’ll leave that for someone else to discover, but for now I’ve found that while self-discipline is important, I should ride with the waves of energy that I feel when I’m in a particular “mood.” And today I’m in the mood for blogging, which is why these words are here. =D

I also started to clean my room today because I’m leaving for the summer, and just because I was in the right mood to do some cleaning and organizing. I stopped to take a break and noticed that my room was way messier than when I started. This is what it currently looks like:

Being the creative interpreter that I am, the first thing that I thought of was the phrase “calm before the storm” before I realized it was the exact opposite. My room is in the “storm” phase right now as I’m trying to sort everything and move things around. But in the end, when I make some finishing touches, it will look cleaner than before. And that’s when I began making parallels… how if you want to fix a radio or mechanical device, you have to take everything apart first before putting it back together… or the way your muscle is literally torn apart and then rebuilt when you work out… our universe of randomly dispersed gas and dust before parts coalesced into galaxies and stars… Jesus waiting for His disciples on the boat out on the lake to experience the storm before silencing the waves and walking on calm water… Congressmen debating and bickering before finally passing a bill. And if we even want to take it one step further, high school can be seen as my period of “chaos” before I experience order, namely this summer vacation and the start of college. =D But that’s stretching it. Regardless, we’ll all experience it one way or another. The calm before the storm or the storm before the rainbow, it shows that life is dynamic and cyclical.


Circle of Life anyone? (Cue “naaaaaang tsiingonyama” music in your head)

 Okay I really need to stop. But I guess it just shows that I’m in a blogging mood today. Even doing something as boring as cleaning my room. It’s amazing what a good mood can do to you!


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  1. David Zhang / Jun 17 2012 10:25 pm

    Calm before the storm; storm before the rainbow :D. Nice parallels.

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