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July 3, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 3

I woke up at 6:00am today just to try to upload yesterday’s post, but even with no one else up on the 9th and 7th floors the wi-fi was so terrible it made me want to strangle someone. Honestly that’s been the only real annoying thing about our stay here so far- the internet connection is poopy. I’m still trying to overcome jetlag… I managed to wake up early but I wanted naptime so badly during the day. And just as I predicted, 7pm was the horrendous dead zone for me. I survived again, and yet I’m still making bad decisions about my sleep schedule. It’s 1:30 am right now. But it was soooo worth it.

We had a full day of classes today- by that I mean we had 3 hours of sitting in a room (split into our convenient school groups) after breakfast, followed by lunch and an hour break, and then 3 more hours of classes. The speakers who presented us were pretty interesting- they definitely had experience in the field of teaching english so it was nice to hear their ideas and even participate. They assured us that to be an effective teacher, sometimes you have to just swallow your pride and act silly.

Doesn’t mean I can’t think some of the material is brilliant in its cuteness: xD

After dinner we had a short break and then we were off to work with our school groups on our lesson plans- another three hours during the dead zone for me. But I survived and even got some work done! This whole teaching english thing is seeming much more managable now… at least for me I believe I can do it and that I’m wrapping my mind around the fact that I WILL do it.

My motivation ladder…

Anyways despite a long day of classes I’ve had a ridiculous amount of fun playing Mao with my friends. And by ridiculous I mean it- it started out as a quick game with me, Kevin, Pearl, Rachel, and Calvin, but by the end of the night it grew to as many as fifteen to twenty different people. I’m seriously gonna miss all these people when the program ends. The majority of people are entering senior year in highschool or either freshman or sophomore year in college, and I’ve made really good connections with people. It makes me not want to leave Chientan Center to go to our schools, but at least I’ll get to see some of them on the tour at the end (minus you guys Kevin Pearl Rachel >:O way to ditch me).

It’s funny how these one-week camps work (well, it’s longer than one week but we only have all 350 people together for two or three more days). People have already formed groups that they like to hang out with, but you constantly make new friends because it’s hard to stay in touch with your original group all the time. I had to consciously think through which of my friends already knew which of my other group of friends, and introduce them accordingly when we came together to play cards. Sooo much fun. Stayed up until we got yelled at (actually really unjustly =/) by a supervisor and now I’m writing at 2am.


I’m hoping to get some wi-fi so I can start posting, but I’ve been having a really good time. I haven’t worked this hard since APs ended (scratch that, probably since I finished college apps haha), but I’ve still been having the time of my life. I’m sure it’ll only get better. I’ve been mad busy so I haven’t had the chance to write postcards- in fact one of my close friends in my school group Ryan is trying to prepare me to breakdance for our opening performance at the school. Another guy in my room Andy is pretty good at diabolo and let us try. Basically, I couldn’t ask for a better room of guys to hang out with.

I’m dead tired right now and I know I should get to sleep, but the thought of wi-fi when everyone else is gone is tantalizing.


So I’m posting right now, alone on the 5th floor (stealing the 6th floor’s wi-fi), and the connection speed is heaven. Only problem is, I’m paranoid about a supervisor coming by for another check up and the ringing elevator is scaring the crap out of me every time it randomly goes up to my floor and stops. But hey, this is dedication for you lol. I’m just glad I finally got to post! Who knew staying up until 3am in a hotel for wi-fi was worth all the trouble =D


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