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July 4, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 4

This one’s for Iosu… haha still dunno why we were served chicken nuggets in Taiwan

It’s hard to believe that I survived the 9ish hours of classes today… all of our sleep schedules are kind of messed up- I managed to take a few short naps today to avoid crashing completely, though I’d be lying if I said I did anything productive in our school group sessions today after dinner… I was just fighting to stay awake. Even now I’m feeling a bit run down but we were let out a tiny bit early so there was no way I could pass up good wi-fi connection with no one around.

Not too many things interesting happened today (though the night is still young!), but of course I had to take a picture of the American dish sneaking its way into our lunch today. Classes in the morning went by surprisingly fast, while the afternoon seemed to drag on forever. It was probably a combination of the interest-level the speakers generated and the waning energy I had by that time. Someone on our floor is practicing violin right now, which is pretty cool. The guys next door to us have also been busy playing Starcraft I in their spare time. Plenty of card games and circle conversations during break time still, which is not surprising. And yes, I met more people today! The only sad thing is now that I’m realizing we only have two more days here before we all leave =[ I’ll be able to stick with Kevin and Ryan, which I’m glad for, but I’ll miss the other Kevin (Chiao, there are a billion Kevins here in this program) and people going on the southern tour.

I also tested several drinks today, all of which were delicious.

So yeah. Another loooong day of classes. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing later- the free time we get is the best, but now I have to prepare lesson plans for tomorrow’s presentation, practice a dance we might be doing for our opening ceremony, keep trying my hand atĀ break dancing, pull out my flute so I can practice for the first time since I got my wisdom teeth pulled, Skype/chat with people back home (unlikely once people cluster here and the wi-fi gets clogged), or just chill and play some cards. We’ve been spoiled these past few days, we’ve had classes all day long so we haven’t been outside except to walk between buildings. It’s still overbearingly humid, but lots of AC helps with that. I hope I can get a decent amount of sleep tonight, but if not I don’t think I’ll have any major regrets. Hurray for a pain and stress-free post at last! Gosh I love my wi-fi when it works.


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  1. Tiffanie / Jul 29 2012 4:28 am

    “Someone on our floor is practicing violin right now, which is pretty cool.”

    Probably Richard.. LOL

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