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July 7, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 6 (part 1)

I’m sooo-oo-o-ooo [insert pelvic swinging motion and hand movements from that workshop] sad!!! But really, I am. How am I going to survive the next two weeks without seeing all the friends I met at Chientan? Today was the last half day at Chientan, the closing ceremony, and the sorrowful departing pictures we took before our buses came to pick us up.

So after the crazy night at Shilin night market and the even crazier night staying up, I barely had time to pack and brush my teeth before bringing down my luggage and eating breakfast. I was waay tired, but Alice and Amanda had an awesome performance onstage (mostly because of the dummy students they had onstage with them =P)! But really they did a nice job speaking and I was impressed with their confidence. After I got back to my seat, throughout the rest of the final presentations (certain groups got up on stage to do their 10-minute teaching performance in front of everyone), I was pretty much asleep the whole time. I managed to do it in the most awkward positions, too. I got a tiny bit of rest and was really surprised to feel so invigorated. Or maybe it was just because I had good company in our row hahaha:


Then came the departure. Soo sad, especially for people going on the southern tour!! I’ll never forget you guys!

Except you Ryan, I’m stuck with you for 2 weeks….


Hahahha Alice, ;] :-* (let your imagination do the rest)


My best friend from playing Mao and Chientan! (Sorry Kevin, I met Pearl even before you at the airport =P I’m pretty sure Pearl was the first person from AID I ever talked to when I was late checking-in and totally embarrassed to join the group). And Rachel, Pearl’s best friend and also a fencer that likes to whack people with a sabre. (By transitive property Rachel and I are also best friends woot woot =])


The guys. Calvin, I sincerely hope we can play Mao together in the future. It’s been a pleasure cat-dogging and camel-ing with you. Kevin, keep vlogging and link me! Ryan, good work killing that spider.

Amanda, who can ALMOST sail the seven seas =P and Rachel, who I wish I spent more time with! (But don’t worry when we trade coasts we’ll visit for sure =])


Randy, you are one heck of a cool guy. Thanks for hanging out and I hope we meet in th- PIIIIIIIINNNGGGG.

 And the rest of you beautiful AID Summer 2012 people that I didn’t get to meet/take a photo with, thanks for making this the time of my life! I didn’t mean for this to be such a mushy farewell post but that’s how I’m feeling in here –>   ❤ , so deal with it.


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