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July 10, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 10

Double digits! It’s hard to believe that it’s already day 10 for me here in Taiwan… on one hand I feel as if it’s been a lot longer, after all the people I’ve met and all the different activities and settings I’ve experienced. But on the other hand I feel as if it’s been a lot shorter- sitting here in the dean’s office of Jiufen Elementary school, I feel as if I’m used to the lifestyle of the place already. I’ve already spent countless hours at this exact desk, and who knows how many times I’ve passed through the creepy tunnel and the dark hallways. And since there are so many periods and breaks structured into the day, I feel as if I’ve seen the kids for ages already. The classroom is small but comfortable, and the environment is awesome. There are no harsh ringing bells here, but soothing songs that play to signal break and class times.


I guess I should mark this as my second day of teaching and my first full day with the kids, though. It’s exciting but tiring to finally be teaching, the reason I came to Taiwan in the first place! Already I feel a connection with each of the six kids in my class… I have a good grasp of each of their personalities, which range from super outgoing to incredibly shy. But Jocelyn and I pulled through and managed to keep their attention for the day. Because they were 1st and 2nd graders, we had to start with the alphabet and work our way up.

Teaching is hard work. But spending time with these kids makes it more than worth it… haha already I’m astounded by the cuteness that these kids can radiate. Here’s a portrait of me that Bob drew for me:

And my favorite conversation thus far: “We need to think of a class name!” “Okaayy!!!” “We should call ourselves an animal.” “Yeahh!!” “Does anyone know any animals?” “Monkey! Dog! Rabbit!…. Umbrella!!” So basically I love these kids already. xD


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