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July 11, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 11

I love this kid to death, basically.

So today was actually a really tough day for me- starting to feel a little worn down, especially after all the excitement has died down. 1st and 2nd graders are so hard to teach! They have a short attention span and it takes a while to learn anything without tons of repetition, which makes lessons boring and therefore circles back to the attention span problem. =[ Honestly though, the cuteness is the only thing keeping me from being completely discouraged. I guess I just have to think more creatively to get the kids involved and retaining information.

Here’s one of our good moments in learning the alphabet:

So cute!!!!


But it’s not bad at all. I have a lot of fun hanging out with our little group at Jiufen. We hang out a lot, during the lesson breaks, after class (we all need wi-fi from the same room lol), and we even went out to go taro balls today after dinner! And then some basketball in the dark, which was pretty fun haha.

Our daily evening hangouts…

Chilling during a break

In line for ou-yi (taro balls haah)

Inside the kitchen:


Outside the school at night:


It’s been so peaceful and relaxed after school lets out… it’s basically time to rewind, think about the next day, and eat. Us guys had to sweep and mop today (a great experience lolol), but other than that I feel as if I finally have some downtime now that I caught up with my blogging! It’s funny, not as many exciting things have happened except for taro balls and bubble tea (though when is bubble tea ever NOT exciting?). So yeah, I’m unused to having something to blog about. I’m just putting up the pictures I do have, though not all of them because over the next few days my blog’s cute-o-meter will just explode from all the photos of the kids here. You know not much has happened when I have to resort to blogging about the garbage truck and certain crazy people I met at AID. Just kiddingggg. But seriously- the garbage truck plays a Fur Elise jingle to let people know it’s coming. And you know people are best enemies- err, friends when one moment they are stepping on each other’s backs to crack them and the other moment they are mercilessly making fun of each other.




It’s awesome when a game that you play is just perfect for the group you’re spending time with. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun playing Mao at Chientan with everyone from AID. And here at Jiufen, Salad Bowl is what’s up. Haha it’s a game where you all contribute five or six words that you write on a slip of paper, folded up in a bowl. You take turns between 2 teams (1 minute each) to alternate teammates in grabbing a slip of paper and trying to describe it to their teams without saying the word. Points are tallied and all the slips are returned to the ball when they are all used. The second round operates in the same way, but with charades instead of verbal clues. The third round is the same as the first round, but your clue can only be one word, so it must be chosen carefully (the point of the game is to try to remember words so that certain clues will automatically spark a memory or word). It gets pretty fun and definitely a great icebreaker (though our group here needs no icebreakers, we’ve just been having a ton of fun hanging out). Lesson of the day after playing Salad Bowl for most of the evening: Harvard= heartless human.


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  1. stephen / Jul 11 2012 3:19 pm

    Go go Andrew! You definitely will share with those kids a wonderful summer vacation. Thanks for blogging and sharing so much details of this program. Take care of yourself and have enough sleep.

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