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July 12, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 12

Wow I’m slow….. I JUST realized that the number of days I’ve been in Taiwan coincide with the date xD But hey, it’s summer so no one remembers the date anyways. I’m doing slightly better on the days of the week, but only because I’m technically in school. I don’t know what I think about being a teacher in the future, though. It seems like a specialized job- you get to hang out and interact with kids, you get summers off, and you can reuse materials from year to year. I finally believe in teacher satisfaction now making up for lousy pay- I’m so proud whenever one of my students remembers something that we taught yesterday! But still, teachers have homework and that first year of teaching seems incredibly daunting. I mean, I was scared witless for 10 days of teaching with a partner. It’s hard to even imagine keeping this up for a whole year.

Getting shown up by one of my kids…. it happens

Regardless, I think I’m slowly adjusting to the schedule here. We wake up around 8:00, shower and dress and eat breakfast. Classes run from 9 to 3:45 with a very long lunch break in the middle (and optional nap time!) and several other breaks. I find it funny how I’m the one who is always taking the nap time instead of the kids.

But I was so pumped. School has just let out for the day and now we’re all here chilling in the dean’s office. It’s hard to believe that it’s Thursday… one more day and we’ll have completed a week already, half of our time here at Jiufen! I’m looking forward to the weekend and having some fun. Now that I’ve “caught” up with my blog, I feel as if I have a lot of free time now. I’m going to start writing postcards and doing some other obligatory stuff, such as reading all the emails and instructions for college next year. Gahh I don’t even want to go there right now. It’s been a heck of a summer so far! Taiwan has been awesome. I’ve gotten used to the humidity (kind of), and now I’m not even that fazed by mosquitoes. Even cockroaches are alright as long as you have a slipper on hand.

So today in school the kids were surprisingly good. When the pace is lively, the kids are energetic and things run pretty smoothly. I’m so so glad that our teacher was able to get a hold of some guitars for us… especially for the 1st and 2nd grade class that I’m teaching, songs have been really useful. Granted, I had to figure out all the chords myself, but the class has learned the “Hello” song, the “1,2, I Like You” one, the alphabet song, and now the Old MacDonald song by now! My method was basically to find the first chord, sing the song in my head, and insert every single possible chord I knew until it sounded right. Besides learning about animals and certain easy phrases, our school had a type of “flea market” activity today. I worked my heart out to teach my kids a grand total of six words- “I like this. How much? Hundred.” That’s basically like the bare minimum you need to know to buy and sell, and the thing with kids this young is that they probably already forgot already >.>

So here’s one interesting about today- we had pizza for dinner! Hahah yeah I came all the way to Taiwan to eat Domino’s. Apparently it’s somewhat of a luxury here, and I can partially see why- that stuff is expensive here!!! I may or may not be correct in my Chinese reading, but it was over $20 US for a large pizza. Granted, they had some pretty exotic toppings here, but still a bit unsettling. Dessert was this very interesting rice-noddle with sugar water concoction.


Cute picture of the day:

Arthur’s picture of a tiger =D


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