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July 13, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 13

Hanging out after a long week

IT’S FRIDAY!!!!! I haven’t been this excited for a Friday since… well, school hahaha. Not that I don’t love being around the kids, but as I’m sure the rest of the AID volunteers have found out by now, teaching is incredibly hard. Plus the fact that waking up at 8:00 is still a tad bit early for me. We had some good breakfast today- oil green onion crepe/pancake. I forgot to take a picture, but it was a nice change- all our meals have been the boxed variety of late… minus the pizza and occasional special food that our teacher gets us.

The day went by okay today. I haven’t decided yet whether time during school feels longer for the student or the teacher =P I’ve revised my goals for our two week period too- if I can get these 1st and 2nd graders to be proficient at the alphabet by the end of my time here, I’ll be content. They can certainly sing the song and chant it flawlessly, but when the letters are isolated they still have trouble recognizing and identifying the letters as well as the sounds. Still clueless about what to do for the closing ceremony, though.

Kevin stocking up on junk food for us. Score.

I love just chilling with our group here though. We played two more games today… one that I don’t remember the name of but it’s fun to play with a medium to large group: take all the names of the players and switch them up, assigning different names to different people. One dealer deals clockwise to each player, creating a pile as the cards are continually dealt. If at any time two top cards of any pile match up, the two players must attempt to recall the assigned name and shout it. The one who successfully does this gives all the cards in their pile to the slower player. Play resumes until all the cards are dealt, and the player with the most cards loses (or the player with the least cards wins). Subsequent rounds are invented by choosing categories and adding fruits or vegetables or board game names or anything else to the assigned names. It’s very entertaining to watch two players’ eyes light up when their top cards match up and they have to compete to see who can recall faster- there’s a lot of arm flailing, snapping, and shouting going on… we ended up having to say things like “Jocelyn papaya opossum lacrosse brussel sprouts Life (the game)!” Lots of fun.

And then there was the classic Liar’s/BS Poker. Of course, there was that one incident of a straight flush when there were only six cards out… I swear I shuffled! It was hilarious when we call b.s. on a pair of fives and we turn over a 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 of hearts on the table.

Now we’re just in the library for air conditioning and wi-fi. We have two security guards that alternate here, one is really chill and nice and the other one is a grumpy jerk who complains to the school on a regular basis. None of the people here like him that much. Oh, and Flora (one of our teaching aids) left today! So sad =[ We have her Facebook though so it’s all okay.

Besides that, it’s just relaxing until the weekend, I suppose. We’re planning on going out and doing a bunch of fun stuff, so I’ll definitely leave lesson planning to Sunday. But of course I still miss all the people from Chientan still!! Ahhh I really wish video conference was still free with Skype.



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