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July 18, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 18

Compared to yesterday, today was a pretty chill day. Highlight of the day was Ryan making a capo out of rubber bands and chopsticks, an ingenious creation in my opinion. Teaching was frustrating today- I wanted to punch a wall by the end of the day, just because of the attitude the kids were throwing at us and the added pressure of a closing ceremony performance looming on Friday. It’s not even attitude, really though- with 1st and 2nd graders it’s just the apathy that really gets me angry… there are a couple of girls that seemed cute and innocent and quiet in the beginning, but now they’re the biggest troublemakers of all because they don’t pay attention and then detract from the whole class.

So we spent the whole day today preparing for the closing ceremony… not my ideal teaching plan of the day, but we had no choice. We taught the kids some line dances, which they seemed to get relatively quickly. My six person class is still struggling though… with that small a class, participation is often bleak and we have to force kids to learn lyrics to songs. Tomorrow’s a hectic day, but we’re hoping to finish everything in time for Friday, when we have a face-off with Ruiting (just kidding). But I’m sure more than one of us is looking forward to that xD.


Things are very idyllic here after class ends… many of the older kids stay to play on the playground. Us volunteer teachers retreat to either the office or the library, where we hang out, surf on our computers, play card games, and (occasionally) do some work or planning for the next day. I had to do some video editing today, which was annoying, but not bad. We had a music party with Kevin’s ocarina playing, Ryan’s guitar jamming, and my flute practice. H-swag joined me and Ryan for some Backstreet Boys singing. She claims she’s not a singer, but she has a pretty gosh-darn good voice! Very melodious. Compared to Ryan’s multi-dimensional singing ahahaha.

Regardless, things were quiet besides the guys’ stunning (or not =P) victory over the girls in both Literature AND Saladbowl what whaaat. Another evening, another gorgeous sunset. Every time I walk through the hallways I glance out the window and just gawk at the mountain scenery and the view down on the bay.


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