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July 22, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 21

It’s hard to believe the teaching portion of my trip to Taiwan is over now! It certainly has been a rewarding experience and I’m so grateful toward all the people at Jiufen for making our stay an awesome one. Our director and teacher Chloe even rode the bus with us all the way back to Chientan, the starting point for our week-long tour. So excited!

We checked in at Chientan a little before noon and just chilled for a while, playing Kemps, Saladbowl, and Mafia with new friends to pass the time. We gathered for lunch, but I oddly wasn’t that hungry at all. We got on the bus and napped for a good while as we rode all the way to Taomi, which took two or three hours. I’m still not quite sure what part of Taomi exactly that we visited, but I do know that our 5 tour buses all stopped in this rainforest to take a look around. The highlight of the tour was definitely the spiky trees, in my opinion, but there was still a lot of cool stuff.

The ring of banana trees…


Dragonfly zip lines

Spiky branches- now THAT would be hard to climb.

Other than that, we had dinner at this new center called Sun Moon Lake Youth Hosted Activity Center, which means a new meal group!

Tiffanie and Kevin xD

Apparently all of us people who are on Bus B for the Central Tour will be sticking together, including trying to think of something to do for the “talent show” that’s gonna be at the end of the tour. Honestly though, it was hard enough just to decide what to do. There’s no wi-fi here and I’m just lucky that Kevin was smart enough to bring an ethernet cord. Played Big 2 with Rachel, Pearl, and Danny- still not quite sure how Rachel manages to beat us every time when she just learned like a week ago, or doesn’t know that 2s are high, or just happens to have full house Aces every time. Anyways, pretty tired so I should catch up on sleep. The rooms are nice- sooo thankful for clean bathrooms and cockroach-less sleeping quarters.

Oh, and another thing I’m filing away as part of the “Taiwan Experience.” A whole channel devoted to Starcraft II! xD Apparently the Asian Championship and Taiwan Open events are being broadcasted live, but only here xD.


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