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August 9, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 26

Today was our “life survival skills” training day. It definitely was not what I expected it to be, but it was just as (if not more) fun than what I thought it would be. Right after breakfast, we walked to the local ropes course, where there were a couple of stations set up. We each got a water bottle, but I was playing with mine and it cracked when I dropped it. So I had to chug the whole bottle right then and there haha. There were a couple of stations set up, and our bus groups simply rotated through them. I liked the order that we did them in.

First up was the double wire walking, which looked lame when it was only 10 feet above the ground, but still pretty fun once you got on it. Even more fun when you have Ryan Chow in front of you purposefully jumping up and down and trying to get you to fall. Lol David and I both hung on well enough though.


The repelling was a lot more fun for because I sort of knew how it was supposed to be done. It’s important to kick away from the wall and just let gravity bring you down. The same with the zip line. They all were not too thrilling or exciting, but better than nothing at all.


The one other interesting thing about the ropes course was that although we had five groups circulating, there were only 3 stations. Which means that as we went through the rotation, they had to think of other ways to entertain us. That entertainment turned out to be human sized cup stacking. LOL.

We totally weren’t sure if they were actually made for that purpose, or if they were just plastic stools that happened to stack on top of one another. Anyways, it was surprisingly fun. It’s much harder than you think it is… for those of you who have seen speed stacking with regulation normal sized-cups, this was much much different. Speed was not everything- balance and consistency in moving cups were much more important. One mistake would cost you a lot, and thinking ahead to how you would move the cups saved you a lot more time than just sheer speed. Think clumsiness. Cup stacking plus life-sized clumsiness. Except maybe for Cindy, who bypassed all of us mortals and used the double-hand technique to complete the middle set.

Cup-stacking CHAMP.

Ryan’s hula-hooping skills

The afternoon was much less structured. They brought us to Taipei 101 and the malls surrounding it and basically let us loose for a good five hours. We had tickets for Subway meals, which was only at 6:30. So we wandered around all the stores in the vicinity, looking for gifts for our “angels,” and being surrounded by a surplus of girls’ clothing stores. It wasn’t bad, but it got boring after a while. Or maybe it was just that my feet were really tired. I also forgot to bring extra batteries, so I’m really mad that I wasn’t able to get any pictures…!

So I’ll show you the CUTEST caterpillar we found at the ropes course this morning instead.

I really wanted to take it home with me as my pet…


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