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August 9, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 29

I stayed the night at the Kuo’s, who graciously lent me the guest room. I accompanied them to church today and had an awesome time… minus the actual service part because my Chinese is awful. Things started out alright with the worship that I could at least somewhat mouth along and read (a tiny bit). But then the pastor started talking and turning to Scripture in the Bible, and I was officially lost. It was a very cozy service, though. I liked it a lot, and the way people were familiar and comfortable with each other.

Afterward Jessica and Tiffany led me to their youth fellowship group. They chilled a bit, talked about their upcoming service trip, and then we officially met. Jessica, Tiffany, and I unfortunately had to leave early in order for me to catch the train in time for our AID water park gathering. Going through the streets was awesome… food shops EVERYWHERE.


Tiffany brought us to get tofu curd soup before we stopped at a noodle shop. Soo yummy. Can’t stop thinking about noodles right now. We got the plain noodles and some ground pork, but it was delicious on its own. We finished with the tofu curd soup, which was pretty good as well. Street vendors always do such a good job with their foods.


I then parted and took the long commute to Guandu, where I met up with Calvin, Jennifer, Ryan, Rachel Y., and then a lot of people.


It was funny, I randomly looked down at the guy laying on a bench at the MRT station and was surprised to see that it was Calvin lol! I met Jennifer shortly afterward and people started to finally show up. With how late everyone else was going to be, we went ahead and took the bus to Baxian waterpark. Meeting everyone was awesome and nostalgic. Wesley became only the 3rd UC Berkeley student I’ve met in the past two days alone. The water park was REALLY FUN. And relatively cheap, as far as amusement parks go. We had a ton of friends, so it was hard to decide which rides to go on first. The obstacle course and high water slides were my personal favorites. There was also a station to do a Tarzan jump, which we had a lot of fun at, minus my first jump where I somehow managed to land square on my balls after attempting to do a back flip. =[

Good times! I actually didn’t get burned much that day. I doused myself in sunscreen after realizing that Pearls’ sunscreen came off in the water. After about 6pm it started getting dark and colder… I stopped going in the water and just focused on staying dry. As a group we decided to go out for dinner, which with 10+ people was quite the hassle. After the long commute, we were all starving.


We visited a mall but then decided for some reason that it wasn’t good enough. We went back outside and walked all the way to Taipei 101, which ended up being CLOSED after 9pm or something. We couldn’t believe it. And basically our stomachs were shriveling and dissolving in their own acid. So we turned to the streets, and even then we couldn’t decide on which diner to go to. Finally, finally we had the common sense to stop on a street and split up for food. I got these delicious sour cream fries from this Ireland potato place, and thankfully there was a McDonalds down the street where I could finish with some ice cream. The fries never tasted better.

We met up with even more people and got quite the group going there. So we attempted to play assassin, using a ripped up receipt instead of cards. It didn’t really work because we could only go two rounds, and people had to start going back home on the MRT before the stations closed at midnight. People dispersed and I got in contact with Pearl, who was leaving! It was so sad. But she was going to Japan for a few days without us, so I didn’t feel THAT bad. Came back to my aunt’s, skyped with some friends, and then went to bed- exhausted but happy to have gotten to meet with so many people in one day!



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