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August 10, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 30

I’ve decided that if you come to Taiwan, you come to Taiwan to eat. Seriously, this principle holds true for any person visiting a foreign country. Be prepared to eat. Saving stomach is just as important as saving money. Because when people spend money to take you out to eat amazing food and you don’t have the stomach for it, you might as well be wasting money. Make a courtesy list of all the things you want to eat and experience, because if there’s one thing that host people LOVE to do- it’s showing off the food and special dishes in their local area. It’s a national pride sort of thing. And coming to Taiwan and being bombarded by a plethora of delicious fruit and creative deserts and drinks of all kinds…I definitely wasn’t complaining.

I woke up pretty late today after a late night trying to blog and skype and email all at once, and went straight to lunch, which was not a bad idea at all. My aunt and uncle and my cousin Joseph and my grandma went to this delicious restaurant that was like a mix between Korean BBQ and hot pot. There was a center grill with coals, and plates of raw meat that were cooked on the spot and then devoured. It was so delicious I can’t even describe. The appetizers and soups were okay, but the main food was still the meat platters. Dipped in three different sauces, or smothered in sauce and then wrapped in a leaf of lettuce, the quality of the meat was reallly good. It was a multiple course meal too, so we just took our time.









Drinks: (coffee and milk tea with the condensed cream on top)



After finishing eating at like 4pm, and after 2 hours of filling my stomach, I left to visit friends at the theater in Zhongxiao Fuxing. It was actually called the Breeze Center, a multiple storied mall that had just about everything. Going up the floors on the escalator was fun. Rachel L., Christina, Andy, and I were so pumped to watch the Dark Knight Rises. Ridiculously pumped.

After some great ticket ordering at the booth and smuggling Christina’s drink in, we sat down at the last row in the theater, which wasn’t bad considered the size of the screen. Right from the first scene and the plane blowing up, I was hooked. It is every bit as good as people were saying it is. It’s been a while since I’ve watched the first or second, so it was a bit confusing but so entertaining. My mind was pretty much blown at the plot twist and even the last ending. I definitely need to rewatch it again sometime. But like Ryan told me afterwards, tragic heroes are just so epic!  And like Rachel L. said, Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes just about the perfect Robin.

I did end up walking back and forth on that one street where Breeze Center is located about 8 times (once to backtrack, the second time when I realized I was actually  going the right way the first time, another time to go to the MRT and the final time to go back to the mall), but that’s okay. It was with friends. After the movie we stupidly left and headed toward the MRT station before realizing that we needed to eat somewhere. We tried a mall that was closed before going all the way down to a Family Mart, and then deciding to go back to the mall, which ended up being locked as well. More walking around in the rain. And more awkward situations in the mall, especially when we were squeezed into the elevator with 10 other people and it was dead silent. I was so tempted to start talking really loudly in English and see what their reaction in a doubly-awkward situation would’ve been.

After our Dark Knight group dispersed, I was sort of stranded near Taipei 101 with the typhoon imminent. I walked around in the pouring rain for about half an hour before I finally found Jennifer. The buildings and night skyline were scary! Especially with the howling wind and the gashing rain, looking up at the humungously tall skyscrapers and the leaning Taipei 101 made me feel so small and vulnerable. Just one of the craziest things I’ve done in Taiwan so far. I kept looking over my shoulder and jumping at shadows. Oh, and having your umbrella invert in front of your face from the wind is one of the worst feelings in the world.

After FINALLY meeting up, Jennifer and I went out to try to get some food. Unfortunately, all the places were closed. Our biggest disappointment of the night was finding out that McDonalds was not, in fact, open 24/7 and that they had false advertising right on their front door. It took me a grouchy male cashier and several times looping around the building to believe that McDonalds was not open past midnight. So we walked around some more, visited closed restaurants, got a steamed meat bun off a street vendor that was open 24/7, and then got some ramen at 7-Eleven. The clerk must have been bored out of his mind for the night shift, except for the few minutes that we went in and started warbling English hahaha.

Anyways, ramen and Olympics are a very good mix. I don’t even remember falling asleep, but I got to see a good mix of badminton, basketball, fencing, judo, doubles badminton, ping-pong, soccer, and swimming, among others I think. I feel bad for not completely keeping up with it, but I’m so busy that I rarely have access to the TV. We came out of the Dark Knight and watched a bit of women’s single badminton on a big screen TV, but I’m not so lucky the rest of the time.


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