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August 10, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 31

Each day has passed like a river’s current to me… shimmering and glistening with happy moments, tumbling over rocks and pebbles, swiftly plunging away in just a moment’s time. I haven’t had the chance to fight against the current yet, to take a moment to take a deep breath and submerge myself back into the cool clear water. All vacations are like that, I suppose. I’m trying to hang on to the people I met at AID as much as I can, but one by one they’re drifting away back to their own lives, to reality. It’s going to be a harsh transition once I wake from this pleasant, beautiful dream, where I have no obligations and no responsibilities but to enjoy myself to the fullest.

It’s raining today. It’s been raining throughout the day, and the wind picks up sometimes to foreshadow the typhoon that’s headed this way. I can’t help but imagine the raindrops pattering against the house as tiny thoughts knocking on my subconscious… I have to release them all onto the page before they plunge away into the drain where they’ll be forever lost. So here’s my first breath in a long while. A four hour nap today before a late dinner at 9:30 pm. A messed up sleep schedule watching the Olympics until 4am in the morning and then waking at 8. A nap here and there on the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), before going back into the eddy of life in Taiwan.

Several idyllic hours skyping with the people that surprisingly have found a larger spot in my life than I perhaps intended before the trip, but the serene peaceful hours of post-midnight here are what I live for. Where I stop to catch my breath a bit, listening to the rain collecting outside, soothe my heart and soul, garner my energy and fight to keep my eyes open just a little bit longer. Here my language turns poetic- I speak in song, singing (occasionally) with my scratched voice to serenade the outside elements, laughing, remembering the events that have happened, trying to capture it all. But the lens on my camera is no where near wide enough, and so I sacrifice detail for memory. The rain picks up oustide. As do my thoughts.

This is what a messed up sleep schedule does to you. Said a very heartfelt goodbye to Rachel Yang today, though we enjoyed a very nice breakfast at the bread place.


Experienced apple milk tea, which Rachel described as “green apple hi-chew with a milky aftertaste.” Very accurate. The breads were delicious. They were fresh, and how often do you get a bacon cheese garlic bread thingie for breakfast?? Rachel’s grandma was nice enough to let me stay for a while and use their wi-fi while Rachel packed. I got to see my cousin Laura for the first time in a while, but she’s weird as always (just kidding! Laura you’re awesome and I miss you). And then Rachel left, leaving me one less friend here in Taipei.

I had a rather interesting journey going home that day. It was my first time trying to go by foot instead of being picked up by my aunt. Soo, being the noobish foreigner that I am, I mixed up the streets and the landmarks I had internalized beforehand and got myself lost. I called my aunt, who sent my cousin out on his bike to find me, but I was already on the wrong street. And then my phone died.

For a moment I thought I was going to be lost forever, circulating all the side streets around Nanshijiao station until I found the right one, but then thankfully- THANKFULLY there was an outlet outside of Family Mart where I could plug in my phone. I called home, Joseph came to get me,  and I got home a bit later and a bit wetter than I intended.

Nothing like home though. My aunt thought ahead and already prepared fruit for me. The mango was delicious. And the longan wasn’t bad at all either!!

For the rest of the evening I just hung out with Joseph. Showed him how to play some Starcraft, then took a long nap. Ate some dried squid and crackers and then fried chicken steak courtesy of my aunt. She’s way too good to me. =D


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