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August 19, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 36

Man, vacationing is hard. I never thought it would take this much energy to spend my summer in Taiwan. Even with the AID program over, I am still as busy as always, if not more. I woke up this morning and right away had to scramble to shower and dress and get ready to go out to eat with my uncle and his family. It ended up being in Ximen at this really nice restaurant on the 7th floor. The rest of the streets and areas were all really nice, too.

The streets in Ximen

I paced myself during lunch today, predicting the amount of food that was going to be presented to me. All the dishes were delicious! I couldn’t take more than one bite of each though, simply because I wanted to save enough stomach for everything. I’m at the point where I think the pictures will say it all:







The coconut shrimp with mango was my favorite (third down on the right).

After a long, satisfyingly delicious beyond belief lunch, we went out to the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan. I thought the admission price was a bit high, but it ended up being really interesting. They were all as detailed as ever… basically life models shrunk down to at least a 1:12 ratio, if not up to 1:96 as for some of them. I was amazed by the artistry and precision it must have taken… hours upon hours upon days upon MONTHS of work. Laboring to get that one piece of furniture, that one face, that one leaf on the tree accurate. Amazing. Lots of cool models of places from all around the world, famous landmarks shrunk down to fit in a glass box.

You know, just the bar out back- gotcha! This was maybe a foot long in the museum.




Look how realistic some of these models get! Just kidding this is the gift shop.

Afterward I came home to take a quick nap. Joseph and I went out again in the evening and met up with one of my aunt’s friends. I had my first music cafe experience in chinese, I’m proud to say. We went to Gonguan and got some shaved ice.

I’ve had so much shaved ice and bubble tea during my stay in Taiwan, but I know that as soon as I return to the states I’ll be missing and craving it. Anyways, the band that we listened to was surprisingly good! I couldn’t understand the lyrics, but the introductions were funny and everyone in the music club was having fun and laughing. The main singer carried the show, though it was cool to have a connection to the band- the bass player was my aunt’s friend’s nephew. Anyways, a good experience, and I’m still jealous slash in awe of anyone that makes a living by being in a band. It must be tough. But then again, performing must be so rewarding and fun.



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