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August 20, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 37

Honey toast.

It’s so sad that now I have to count down the days that I’m left in Taiwan. It’s been one of the best times of my life! The culture here is just… very different. You see it on the streets, in the night markets, in the people themselves- I’m so thankful that I had family to spend time with here. And even others- the owners of the small shops that we went to for meals or midnight snacks, the friend of my aunt who was in the chinese band, the dentist who my aunt and uncle were on very good terms with. He basically saved me from disaster today.

Bright and early, after several days of intense pain in my lower left jaw, I decided to go see the dentist. My wisdom teeth had been growing in sideways before I got them pulled, causing the next molar to start decaying. It got worse because it was a difficult spot to floss, and now the cavity had gone all the way down my root canal and into the bone. The doctor assessed the situation and right away knew what to do. The drilling hurt like heck, but I could tell he knew what he was doing. He told us to come back at night when he finished all his appointments to make an emergency filling.

I went back, took a nap, and started packing, the least fun thing about any vacation. Then for dinner I met up with Pearl (my first friend EVER from the AID program) and Danny (most awesome guy to chill with, period.) We had a quick dinner at the Eslite Bookstore, joked around about honey toast, Pearl getting off at the wrong station, my lack of directional skills, and Danny’s perplexing dilemma of being a child at heart but loving to drink. It was good to see them both again.

I rushed back in order to make the appointment with the doctor. What a saint… he did everything over time basically, with a lot of precision and skill- and then proceeded to charge me super cheap for all the work he did. I was grateful beyond words… in just the span of a half hour, he took away all the pain in my teeth and even set up an appointment tomorrow to make a more stable filling.

It’s things like this that make me really appreciate the generosity of people sometimes. I may never be able to see this doctor again, but I made a promise myself, sitting in that very chair, to pass on the kindness he showed me today on to someone else. I won’t be able to pay him back, but I’ll thank him by helping someone else in similar need in the future.

Late night meal


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