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August 20, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: Day 38

My last day. Part shock, part panic, part imma-throw-a-tantrum-if-i-have-to-leave-one-dollar-bubble-tea and a variety of other swirling emotions. Unbelievably sad, but I think it’s been well worth it. After seeing the dentist again today, I mostly stayed home and chilled and packed.

Breakfast was sooooo good

Packing is so depressing. It’s like I’m trying to squeeze all my memories back into one suitcase to take home with me. I had little space and way too much food to bring back home with me.

And then the rest of the time, I was either beating Tiffanie at tetris (hahaha not really) or busy writing postcards. I didn’t have enough time to write all the ones I wanted to! My one regret is not having a little more downtime this whole vacation to skype and write back home.

The trip to the post office was fun, though. Being the procrastinator that I am I managed to wait until the very last day to write and ship them out.

Once that was finished, I sat down one last time with my cousins Joseph and Minnie to play none other than… Monopoly! Except Monopoly in Taiwan is high tech… instead of paper cash, you use credit cards. That’s right, credit cards. That’s what real Monopoly players use, anyway.


Haha I was pretty surprised and delighted at the same time. It’s not the same because you can’t make fun of the player who only has fives and whole stack of white ones left, but the credit card “transactions” did make the game go by faster. An interesting board game experience for me at any rate. ^^





And finally, my very last dinner with family here. It was awesome to see everyone here and together at once, but also sad! I’ll admit, I got a tiny bit teary. But only from trying durians for the first time.

Durians, (or Liulian in chinese), is a weird combination of 3 fruit to me- they have the exterior of a pineapple (VERY spiky. Could be used as a lethal weapon.), the taste of bad mango (reaaaally bad mango), and the consistency of banana. I’m glad I left my tasting adventure here in Taiwan on an interesting note haha.

But really, it’s been fun. I’ll miss the wonderful food, the crowded but lively city of Taipei, and everything else about this summer. I wouldn’t take it back for anything.


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