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August 20, 2012 / windlessly

Taiwan Travels: The End!

It’s over. My stay here in Taiwan has been nothing short of amazing. 38 days is a short period of time in a lifetime, and yet I will think back and reminisce for far longer than that. Even with the latter third of my travels here updated horrendously late, I feel a sense of completeness now that I’ve finished all the days, looking back at all the posts I’ve made and all the photos I’ve taken. God has been incredible in guiding me this last month, and I’m so thankful to be blessed with this opportunity to travel. He’s used it for me to find good friends, enjoy time with family, and to relax and have a unforgettable summer.

So what have I learned these past five weeks? That I love Taiwan. That I love Taiwan and its food, and its density of life, proximity of good shops, closeness of the people, and the feeling that you get when you ride down the street in a mob of motorcycles or walk to the subway or smell the food emanating from a crowded night market. It’s hard to capture Taiwan with mere words or pictures. And now that I only have one day left, it brings me great sadness that I’ll have to relinquish the dream I’ve been living here. My heart still twinges every time I think of the memories associated with the 2012 AID program that I made this summer, and even these eight heartfelt days I’ve spent with family. It’s been a heck of a summer.

Peace, Taiwan. But it’s not goodbye forever.


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