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August 25, 2012 / windlessly

California: Memories

Every time I come to California I create a new mosaic of memories in my mind, each piece vivid and exciting but part of something greater. The time sweeps by and I hardly have a chance to jot them down before my time here is up.



Going to Baskin Robbins for the first time EVER, making an obligatory visit to Yogurt Land for some Hello Kitty spoons, chilling around the house in the morning listening to K-Love, watching a LOT of Olympics, playing basketball with David inside the garage, playing basketball with David outside, playing basketball with David+company, playing basketball with David 1v1 (I guess my greatest achievement this summer is saying that I ALMOST beat him ;]), pulling this awesome go-cart that my cousins had built, watching Esther cook us meals, washing the dishes after Esther cooks us meals, banagrams with Mo, Monopoly Deal, helping Esther learn guitar, building a soccer goal with David, helping Mo with her lanyard, multiple tetris battles with Laura, swinging on the swing set that I love, sitting in the porch that I love even more, making paper mache, sleeping on the monkey bars, playing volleyball at the beach, getting buried by Mo, Apples to Apples, getting bubble tea, getting ice cream, getting my hair gelled, eating boiling crab, looking for my Ipod charger, looking for my phone charger, looking for my contacts case and mouse and whatever else David decides to hide from me at the moment, scraping myself on a laundry basket while trying to do a handstand, watching Esther make macarons, eating those macarons, tasting Annie’s delicious fruit tart, saying goodbye to Pastor Dan and Linda, playing with Michael, swimming, victory against Amanda and Mo, listening to Mo play piano, listening to Laura play piano, playing hymns with Laura and ruining our Canon in D duet haha, taking naps, staying up, badminton (!!!) with David, having a barbeque, celebrating David’s birthday, packing, taking pictures…


It’s been such an idyllic week it’ll be hard to let go when I leave. And besides the house that I LOVE staying at, the church and the awesome people I’ve met! So thankful for being included in the community. Surprised that people like Jacob, Phil, and Carissa remember me from my visit last year- they don’t realize that they’ve been an inspiration to me as well. Meeting (and re-meeting) other fantastic people, Annie (fruit tart yum), George (left-handed football throw hahaha), Kathy (NYU! And beach time), Samantha (teaching me the dry sand theory), Louis (beast at grilling), Evelyn (and her jokes), Aaron (ride up to beach), Qiang (postcard), Niyomi (sp.? Finding sand crabs), Jaron (and his awesomeness), and everyone else… so yeah, I’m thinking I was born on the wrong coast. Just thinking back makes me nostalgic of all the friends and family I have there! What an awesome summer.

Just a few of the moments I was able to capture:

Seeing my brother for the first time in a while! (And thanks for the In-N-Out Laura!)

Delicious grilling, with Uncle Daniel’s help!




Michael *Phelps* coming up for a breath =D


The guys.

David’s birthday cake!


At the farewell party for Pastor Dan, Linda, and family!


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