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August 28, 2012 / windlessly

Syracuse… plus Brother!

O-nii-san! GeGe =D. That’s right, a post all about you! Well, and Red Lobster too but I’d say you’re more interesting of the two. Thanks for coming back to visit after a whole summer of Seattle! Well, you did have your cameo appearance in California, but that was way too short for my liking. And plus it doesn’t count unless it’s back home.

But still, your stay here was far too short too! D= Then again I’ll be happy to take over your desk and room again… just kidding! A few pictures of Red Lobster to keep you salivating during college (though I really must say, your coke-marinated chicken was delicious). Even after 10 years, Red Lobster will always be associated with waiting for me lol.


You honestly win the award for stillest picture taker ever. I don’t think you moved at ALL for the 20 something shots that we took.

I’m waiting for when you get a job (like, a REAL one hahaha) and can afford to get your own new car to come pick me up…

So yeah. It’s been six months but you never seem to change much =P. Best of luck finishing your last year and graduating (maybe)! Mathew 28:20.


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