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September 23, 2012 / windlessly


Stanford is awesome. Four reasons:

1) Freedom. I looove having a bike and being able to go anywhere on campus within a few minutes of pedaling. College life is freeing as it is, but add to that a personal mode of transportation and a sense of possession, it becomes golden.
2) Support. Our freedom here is balanced  by an amazing support system that really goes out of its way to make sure we get the support we need, especially in celebrating diversity and individuality. Orientation is planned specifically to bring us together and to increase our openness.
3) Beautiful weather. Sun makes me happy. Having outdoor sand volleyball courts next to my dorm and a pool party to go to during orientation makes me really happy.
4) People. Stanford attracts a different breed of people from all the other Ivy’s. People are genuinely social and interested in others, and it’s so cool to have people talk about upcoming classes in a positive way. Having Olympians in your dorm doesn’t hurt, either. But finally, above all- people are nice. On what other campus would you have your iPhone returned to you after losing it in the parking lot of a grad house? This campus right here. Gotta love Stanford.


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