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April 24, 2014 / windlessly

China Chronicles 4.24- Clean


Phew. It’s good to sit down to a clean room. I got my asian slippers on, which means it’s time to knock out a few blog posts to catch everyone up on what’s been going in my life on this side of the world. I still think that I’m unbelievably lucky to have my own single during my time at PKU. Well, it’s still a two room double, but having my own space to pause and think is such a luxury. Almost as much a luxury as it is to have a VPN here in China… I have no idea how I would complete my daily quota of procrastination without access to YouTube or Facebook.

Life has been good. I’m in a good mood. Though saying that is kinda cheating considering that it technically is “Friday night” for us (I just had my last Thursday class and we get Fridays off). I’m forgoing a taichi class and a trip to the gym that I’ve been wanting to make so I can catch up with blogging, so feel special if you’re reading this from back home! I care about you guys and want to make sure guys are getting your own daily fill of procrastination. “So what’s been going on in Andrew’s life?” you might ask. So many fun and new things in just the past week (as usual), I don’t know where to start.

I think I’m going to start with the most important thing: sweeping my room! It was quite the ordeal. I also changed my bedsheets, my comforter case (is there a more technical word for this?), and my pillowcase. I organized my desk somewhat. I’m the sort of person that would like to be super clean and neat, but very rarely gets to that point- I’m estimating an hour or two before my desk gets all cluttered. I already exploded an Oreo while sitting here, so there goes my cleanly-swept floor (edit: I felt the need to clarify. You know when you want to eat an Oreo, you twist the two sides apart and lick the frosting off the cookie? And upon trying to lick the frosting, the cookie part becomes structurally unsound and breaks in half and showers you with lots of cookie crumbs? Yeah that’s what I meant).

I guess the reason I’m talking about such mundane things is that I don’t feel like I get a whole ton of time to just sit in my room. In the past week, I’ve gone to Chengdu for a Bing-sponsored weekend trip, gone to an acrobatics show, gone to a taichi class, went to another Bing-sponsored dinner back at the Stanford center at PKU, had my first traditional chinese flute lesson, and dropped in on a hip hop team’s practice here. When I’m not running around doing all these fun things, I’m in my room finishing up homework or sleeping. I’m gonna try to blog about all of these things as quickly as I can- learning to blog well is definitely a skill. I’m not sure I’m even good at it yet, considering how long I’m spending wondering how I’ll ever be able to talk about all the things I want to talk about here. But I think I’ll jump around randomly for the next few posts. A little more time travel never hurt anyone, especially since I’m writing from 15 hours in the future anyway (if you’re in California).

Oh here’s a centipede that Bryson found in his room just an hour or two earlier:


Centipedes don’t eat Oreos, right?


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