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May 11, 2014 / windlessly

China Chronicles 5.11- Great Wall

ImageOur trip to the Great Wall ended up being a fantastic time, just long enough for us to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but short enough before we collapsed from exhaustion from all the steps. But it was good exercise for all of us! I loved being on the great wall… minus the swarming gnats and the equally swarming middle schoolers, the view was beautiful, and the architecture of the wall itself was very impressive. I wonder how effective the wall was from actually defending against invaders, but I suspect it was more a forward obstacle that only an attack with a sizable army and planning could’ve breached. 

The whole time we were thinking about re-enacting the scene from Mulan where Shan Yu snaps off a flag, burns it in the fire of one of the watch towers, and proceeds to say, “好极了” with an evil grin. 

We had a lot of fun moments, too. Probably enough to make a pretty good video compilation. The Great Wall seems like such an opportune place to make a great music video, though! If only we had a whole day to chill up there. 

ImageImageImageOne of the best parts ended up being the toboggan slide on the way down: such a smart installation: easy maintenance, low investment cost for materials, and lots of willing tourists. I certainly had a lot of fun: it was basically a board, mounted with wheels, with a stick in the middle for braking. And the slide had plenty of twists and turns that made it as fun as any other amusement park slide! I was surprised at how fast we were able to go on some of the parts. Totally worth it. 

Image  Image




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